If you don’t like the Teacher you might miss the lesson.

On a soul level we get this -ya ya they are my teacher I need to get the lesson. But here’s the big question -why don’t I get it why can’t I get over it if I get that? There is big magic here, let me tell you what can happen , we get stuck on the fact that they are the teacher …like it’s a one up on you -that they know something you don’t – it’s true !!! Subconsciously we don’t like that they are the teacher -another reason to hate this asshole lol. Of course they don’t know they are the teacher but if we don’t acknowledge that ( in a new way) and that they have something we need ( another thing we don’t like) they keep coming – or people like them keep coming …to show us who we are -(they don’t know me what could they show me) seriously this is what happens the lesson is trying to get through yet somehow we keep focusing on the teacher ..the person ..what they are ..what they do ..why they don’t do this or why they don’t do that ….the teacher isn’t the lesson they are just bringing the lesson yes we know that …but we still can’t seem to separate that xO

The other really important thing is knowing that if you are focused on them -talking about them – trying to figure them out – you are not getting the lesson at all it’s because you aren’t being a student you are actually accepting the role of victim …they hurt me -they don’t talk to me -they treat me -they don’t get me -that’s victim stuff -they are the teacher the authority and you are the victim not the student – knowing it’s a lesson is one thing but you will never get the lesson in victim mode.
Now are there times in our life where we were victims …yes.
I am not denying that. This lesson today is not that- yet if that was you, I do believe that healing a deep wound also holds a sacred lesson, to allow the wound to heal.

No matter what it is that is causing you pain and it involves someone else, remember to focus on the lesson, the study of what this means to you, the bigger picture, pan out a little more, the teacher doesn’t matter. You do xO