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Home Page 2 The foundation of my work is to teach you and your self image was formed and how it impacts everything andi mean everything in your Life


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    What My Wonderful Clients Say

    • I joined this group to try to get a grip on the perceived chaos of my life: time management, becoming a better parent, feelings of guilt, to name a few and found myself not only starting to conquer these things but it has morphed into a spiritual journey that I didn’t realize I was even looking for. Sue has planted small seeds about everything from observing your mind, meditation, parenting methods, habits and so much more. And all of these seeds have blossomed to make me aware of my own inner workings. I cannot say enough about the value of Sues teachings to my life!

      Becky M Client
    • Oh Sue, this is so hard to write. Trying to put into words how I feel about your classes and you :) I have met with Sue Stark privately and in a class setting, both of which I am so grateful for. Sue's way of helping you see things in a new way is enriching. Her practices are straightforward but it is all about what you put into it. The environment that she teaches in eases any nerves and makes you feel safe. I am so thankful for what I have learned and continue learning from Sue. I would recommend taking part in anything that Sue Stark offers. Both private or group setting classes have been money worth spent. I only wish I had started classes sooner :) Love ya!

      Serena M Client
    • I can’t say enough about Sue’s Group Coaching Classes, love them, I believe anyone could benefit from these classes because they are so inspiring! They are positive, uplifting and empowering. They are so beneficial and leave you feeling amazing! I know for myself that it feels great knowing that you are not alone and everyone has something they want to work on for themselves and the support from the group you work with is unreal. It’s a great way to stay focused and make some changes. I absolutely love these classes and you get so much out of them.

      Roxanne C Client

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