Which part of your mind is running your life?

I love this image.  It is simply, the Stickman.  I say Simple, but do not let the simplicity of this diagram fool you.  It changed my life and thousands of people that have discovered how to use their mind.  You see Your Mind sure, may be complex, but did you know that  no one has ever seen the mind?  Mind is not the Brain, the Mind and the Brain work together, but the Mind  is actually in every cell of our body, but in order for us to be able  to understand how the Mind works we have to have a diagram.  We as humans actually think in pictures, we love to see what is being explained to us. When we have a picture it makes so much more sense to us.  That is where the Stickman comes in .  It explains that the  Mind has 2 parts the Sub Conscious and the Conscious. Each part of the mind has a very specific job and once you understand what they are and what they do your whole life can change.  How ? When you understand this, your mind no longer runs your life, YOU DO ! Have a look at that image again which part of your mind runs your life ? xO