Do you Welcome Change?

The one thing we know for sure is that things will change. Change is the only constant in Life.  Life doesn’t get better by chance it gets better by change Jim Rohn. Sure we all have heard a million quotes about change, and my all time favourite is Change is inevitable, Growth is optional Bob Proctor.   Change really can be a paradox, so many times in our life we want change, we want things to be different, and other times we do not want anything to change. It can move us forward or backwards. It can leave us wanting more or less. It can bring great joy and deep despair.  Change can do what we thought would never happen and undo what we thought could never be undone. Change is complex yet so simple at times.   But as all the sayings go, the one thing we can be sure of is Change period. One of the things that shifted the way I thought about change of any kind was the thought that there really is no such thing as staying the same. That we are either moving forward in life or we are moving backwards, we do not stay the same.  Any living thing is either growing or dying.  There is nothing about us that stays exactly the same.  I really believe that.  I suppose if I believe that I also believe that the comfort zone or the place we think we want to stay is not a holding place but a place where we ….yup I am gonna say it , die.  Not in the finality of no more breathing , but in the way of GROWTH and who we are not becoming which really is a death isn’t it.  If we are not growing and changing than we must be withering in some form and the thought of that means to me…that I choose to grow and if I choose that I welcome change.  Even change that is perceived as negative in our life just means to me that there is an opportunity to grow yet I do understand that when we are in change especially when it is really painful, or traumatic that the last thing we would want to hear is oh you are going to grow – but there it is the rub . For me this was big because if I believe that change is growth, I believe it or I don’t. I can’t believe it just when its convenient  or when it feels good.  So yes even when we lose someone and we feel like we would rather die, we know deep inside the paradox of Life is just that.  A choice.  To grow or not. And even if we are not ready to grow or we are not welcoming change that’s ok, the really important thing to remember is that the option is always available when we are. xO sending love love lov