The first step, and foundational to personal growth, is Clarity.  The challenge  with Clarity is when the desire to get clear comes.  Clients often say to me I have this challenge in my life,  and quite often it is a relationship, that they can’t understand or figure out why it’s not working and they want to get clear on what to do about it.  That is great but that actually isn’t what they need to get clear about.  We really can micro manage our own lives at times, and though yes it would be great to be clear on what to do about this one thing, the truth is the starting point is actually to get some clarity about your life as a whole.  Solutions to singular challenges can come easier, when we take a look at the big picture of our life.  There are really just  2 things that impact everything in our life, and once we get clear about those 2 things everything else in our life can make alot of sense.  I didn’t say that everything in our life would be perfect I said it would make alot of sense and when things make sense to us that means we understand why things are the way they are, and once we understand, well then we can make some new choices.  The 2 things are How we see the world and How we see ourselves.  Those are the 2 things we need clarity on.  How we see ourself, that actually is our Self Esteem or how we show up in any situation.  How we see the world is actually our Attitude towards the outside events in our lives both globally and much closer to home.  Once we have a really good look at how we see these 2 foundational things, we actually understand what we are and what we are not aware of.  Awareness of your world and how you operate in it is foundational, its the knowing why you do what you do, why what other people do bugs you so much or why you are sensitive about certain things, and indifferent about other things.  It’s step one on the journey of life.  To get clear about where you are.  It is exactly the same thing if you were going to physically travel somewhere, where you are, where you start from, is the first piece to explaining how long it’s going to take to get somewhere…. and  in terms of personal growth you cannot get the relationship, the job, the health, the life you have always dreamed of if you do not know where you are.  Simple ? Or should I say, is that Clear? It’s your Life why not just make it come true. xO


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