The one thing you can do that matters most.

One of the greatest nuggets of wisdom I ever received from one of my mentors was this “Sue its not where you are, it’s who you are where you are.”  At the time it  was so powerful and had such an impact on me because I really understood it didn’t matter where I was starting my business from, small town, long ways away from clients, limited access to resources, what ever I thought in my mind was limiting me from being successful his point was to focus on who I was in whatever I was doing.  That wisdom I believe changed my life.  So much so in fact that I adopted that as part of my foundational philosophy about my Life.   No matter who I come in contact with Today my intention is this that they are going to come away from time with me feeling as though they received something valuable.  No matter who it is ….absolutely everyone I come in contact with.  Whether it’s a client, a family member, a friend, or a clerk at the store, I hope they feel better just from being around me.  This means that it really matters how I show up, and that however that is, will have an impact on who I am with and that impact will be positive or negative depending on.. who I am where I am.  Now I know that makes sense to you, let’s just take this one step further and that is how do we bring our best self to everyone and everything we say matters to us? That answer really is  the one thing that you can do that matters most and that is tend to your energy.   Understanding that the energy you bring to any situation is really a pre-curser to our success in anything we do.  Just to be really clear The success  I am talking about is in everything, in every one of your roles in your life as a Spouse, Partner, Parent, Son, Daughter, Friend, Boss, Leader, Co worker, Colleague or in your Family Life, your Health, your Career, Your business, even in your free time, fun time, holiday time.  This is the one thing that can impact every area of your Life and that is the energy you bring.  So how do we tend to that energy how do we look after it so that we can bring our best self to our Life.  It’s by understanding that our energy is who we are period.  Its what we have been thinking about over time, its what we believe about ourself its our habits and our conditioning that makes us the way we are…Our energy is what we vibrate at, its ultimately our self image …this is big, our work is to tend to this…. tend to what we think about what we believe about ourself and how we see ourself.  This is our life’s work and the only work that matters xO  

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